FreetoBFit: a safe space where all bodies are welcome and supported

Lara specializes in guiding womxn-identifying folks of all ages and backgrounds to feel strong and awesome in their bodies. Her training style focuses on making movement fun and efficient, and she enjoys incorporating both the strengthening techniques of weight training and the functional mobility of her yoga and aerial practice into sessions.

She has a passion for helping her clients feel like the best version of themselves, and has successfully guided clients to achieve personal bests on their lifts, complete a set of perfect push-ups for the very first time, and cultivate mindfulness in their workouts and beyond. Lara thinks of physical strength as an empowerment tool, and hopes that her clients come away from each session feeling more capable of anything life can throw at them.

Lara has competed in both powerlifting and pole dancing, and currently trains as an amateur aerialist, although she still loves lifting heavy things. Her certifications include: Girls Gone Strong Level 1 Strength Coach; Girls Gone Strong Pre/Postnatal Coach; 200HR yoga teacher; NASM personal trainer.