FreetoBFit: a safe space where all bodies are welcome and supported

Motivator. Mentor. Coach of Barre, Burlesque and Movement for 10 years. Kris’ coaching philosophy is to help her clients find the accessible and joyful movement that is specific to their body, be it strength training, dancing, jumping, lifting heavy stuff, bodyweight exercises, yoga, Pilates, etc.

Different from other trainers, she won’t ask you about numbers on a scale or what foods you consume… she won’t ask you for measurements or to fill out forms with goal weights and to target “trouble” spots. What she will do is:
Ask how your body FEELS
Ask about movements that feel effortless and those that can be frustrating
Ask about achievements or activities you want your body to help you accomplish
Arm you with tools to continue your work of caring & honoring your body at home, in between sessions.

If you are ready to discover the joy that strong, graceful movement can bring, contact